The Club Company welcomes Yorkshire Tea

Wednesday 13th July 2022

This week’s move to new tea supplier Taylors of Harrogate sees members and visitors able to enjoy Yorkshire Tea across clubs, as well as a range of speciality tea blends.

Popular tea brand Yorkshire Tea is a good all-rounder blend which complements the all-day experiences of club users, as it can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, as an accompaniment to an afternoon treat or the final touch of a meal.

The blend is created by layering the complementary flavours of around 25 different teas to create a uniquely balanced and consistent brew. The method has been practiced for 130 years and is based on an original recipe created by founder Charles Taylor in the late 19th century.

As a certified Carbon Neutral company, Taylors of Harrogate has overseen the planting of nearly three million trees with over 8000 tea farmers in Kenya and protects an area of rainforest the size of the Yorkshire Dales.

Alongside Yorkshire Tea, customers will also be able to choose from the following range of classic speciality teas: 

English Breakfast Tea

A true classic; this is a full-flavoured and deeply satisfying blend, made with bright African and malty Assam teas. As traditional English tea merchants, we have spent a very long time perfecting this blend. Not just reserved for breakfast, enjoy first thing or throughout the day.

Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Sourced from the Rift Valley in south-western Kenya. Decaffeination can compromise the taste of some teas, but this brisk, flavourful African tea keeps its flavour when naturally decaffeinated with water and carbon dioxide. The result is a tea with a bright and refreshing character, perfect for breakfast or to wind down the day.

Earl Grey Tea

The elegant flagrance of the bergamot fruit gives Earl Grey its famous flavour, balancing citrus with light and delicate teas from Africa and high-altitude teas from India. Perfectly paired with a slice of cake.

Pure Green Tea

A smooth, elegant Chinese green tea made in a unique way and developed specifically for Taylors at the Tinderet Estate in Nandi. This tea’s tender buds are dried with steam for a fresh, delicate flavour that is ideal when paired with seafood or a chocolate-based dessert.

Organic Peppermint

A deliciously vibrant infusion, using only the finest peppermint leaves that are dried quickly after picking to preserve their mild, fresh flavour. The clean, lively taste of this tea is traditionally used to help digestion, and is Organic, Soil-Association certified and naturally caffeine-free. Best enjoyed as an after-meal infusion.

About The Club Company

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